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Background to Dunleer Community Development Board (DCDB)                                                         

The Town of Dunleer is situated in the Centre of Louth, its close proximity to Dublin and the short travelling distance to the two main towns of Drogheda and Dundalk make Dunleer a most attractive place for commuters to reside and the community has seen a significant increase in the population. The influx of new residents has been embraced and welcomed by all members in the community and in 1998 a number of community groups came together with the objectives of ensuring that as the community develops, services & facilities should develop in tandem, from these meetings an umbrella group was formed known as the DCDB


Mission Statement of DCDB.

By working in partnership with, voluntary community groups ,individuals and  government agencies  develop sustainable services of a community, recreational and educational nature that benefits all within this community and gives due consideration to  the environmental and social needs of the area .


By working together we can achieve for the benefit of all those in our town without distinction and in conjunction with other organizations the following:

  • Good zoning and planning for housing, industry and recreational facilities.
  • To address the needs of those individuals & groups within our community.
  • To develop a sustainable plan of action to address the needs of the community through partnering with organizations and statutory bodies.

Following extensive research completed by the board regarding the needs of those living in Dunleer, the following were some of the key findings. The need for a facility as a meeting house, resource centre for members of the community. The research also pointed to the Old Market House a building situated on the Main street of the Town as the most suitable and appropriate centre for this purpose. Also on the same site is a Coach House which has been identified as providing potential for other community/business use. 


In 2009 the Board held meetings with the owners "Louth County Council" of the Market House site and buildings and in 2011 agreed that the DCDB would lease the site for 99 years and the community would restore all buildings and grounds, to use it for community purposes. Following funding from local employer Glen Dimplex, Louth Leader Partnership and community funding, the building has been refurbished and reopened 25th July 2014. 

About Us

The Market House was established by The Dunleer Community Development Board for corporate and community purposes.

The Market House
Main Street, Dunleer, Co Louth

The Market House opening hours are Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm.

Day and evening bookings during the week are available on request.

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Phone: 089 9854278