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History The Market House

Dunleer’s Market House and adjacent coach house was built sometime in the early 1800’s. Although the exact date is not known, it first appeared on land survey maps of the area in 1836. 

It is closely associated with the then landlord in the Dunleer area, Jerome H. De Salis (1771 – 1836) 4th Count de Salis-Soglio, who is reputed to have held a famous high society ballroom dance at its inauguration as the Market House. 

It was constructed as the local landlord’s Market House where trade of goods were levied and dues were paid to the estate. 

Later on in the mid 19th century it became the residence of the Landlord’s agent. Around this time, the De Salis family sold their Dunleer estate to the Bellew family of Barmeath Castle, Grange Bellew.

In the late 19th century, the market house became vacant, and a lease was agreed between the Roman Catholic Church and the Bellew estate. 

The Market House then ceased its function at this time, becoming the parochial house (the residence of the local Catholic clergy).

In 1921, the lease was bought out and the house passed into the ownership of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Armagh. 

In 1996, as the parochial house, it was sold to the Condra family, who renamed it as ‘Bramble Lodge’ and it became a family run Bed and Breakfast house. 

In 2003, Louth County Council purchased  ‘Bramble Lodge’ from the Condra family. There was a plan to redevelop the buildings and gardens into Dunleer Town Library and Area Engineers Offices of Louth County Council. The plans were completed and ready in 2006. 

However at the last moment, funding was not approved by central government. The plans could not then proceed. 

The Market House and its gardens became disused and in danger of becoming derelict. Seeing the danger of this, Dunleer Community Development Board (DCDB) started to research what could they do to bring the Market House back into community use. 

In 2009 an approach was made by the DCDB to Louth County Council. Discussions ensued, and in 2011 Louth County Council agreed with the DCDB that the Market House should come back into community use. The DCDB took charge off the Market House on August 26th, 2011. 

From 2011 to 2012 the DCDB worked on a business plan to make the case for returning the house to its original glory.  In 2013, planning and funding was secured enabling restoration to proceed in September of that year. 

On Friday, July 25th, 2014, The Market House Dunleer reopened restored in all it’s glory. 


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The Market House was established by The Dunleer Community Development Board for corporate and community purposes.

The Market House
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